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Clarity. Engagement. Confident Action.

What We Do

Illumina delivers custom research, analysis, and consulting services that help achieve business success. We work with decision-makers and research leaders who want to:

  • Build and track brands and corporate reputations
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve communications
  • Develop products, services, and markets
  • Enhance employee engagement







What We Believe

A Better Way

We believe that the Illumina Way can truly change your business for the better. Traditional approaches to market research produce mediocre results. We know there’s a better way to exceptional, and we get there every day.

Digging Deep

Good research is more than simply questions asked and answered. We analyze, explore relationships, and dig deep enough to obtain meaningful insights that can be turned into actions. Research sitting on a shelf is often untapped potential waiting to be realized.

Collaborate & Engage

Collaboration uncovers insights that have the power to create competitive advantage. From start to finish, we bring business decision-makers and researchers together to foster engagement in ways that are meaningful, process-oriented, and time-efficient.

Affect Change

Research is your road map to results, and it can change the way you do business. With insights in hand, we work with you to develop solution-based actions that respond to your goals and achieve success.

Measuring Success

Helping businesses solve problems and achieve their goals is our first and only priority. We are proud when your business succeeds. We’re also proud when we:

  • Solve complex, messy and important research challenges
  • Uncover business opportunities in research that’s “sitting on the shelf”
  • Collaborate with each other and our clients to turn research into “aha” moments
  • Facilitate workshops that align and engage stakeholders
  • Visualize research insights in compelling ways that really resonate
  • Turn volumes of data into key stories, new insights and recommendations
  • Work with clients to identify actions that improve performance
  • Use the most effective research and data collection methods for each assignment
  • Dig deep enough to uncover meaningful gems in data
  • Deliver peace of mind

Who We Are

Our team is trusted because we are passionate, collaborative partners who dig deeper and continually make improvements that help you achieve results. The bottom line: we hire differently and work differently than traditional research agencies—and we’re committed to you.



Experienced, senior team members work on your business so that you can obtain meaningful insights with confidence.



We match people with their passions so that you work with those who truly care about your business and its success.



Working in teams ensures that your business benefits from a cross section of people with unique capabilities that can deliver extraordinary results.

Committed to You

For more than 25 years, Illumina’s founder Yvonne Brouwers has worked closely with countless organizations as a researcher, management consultant, and thought leader with one focus: enabling business growth and success. Along the way she has gained a unique perspective of the challenges businesses and researchers face translating research projects into real results. Yvonne has dedicated her life’s work to addressing these challenges by taking a different approach than most research agencies. The result is a tried, tested and truly responsive company that enables businesses to grow and succeed.


Our Clients

We are incredibly proud to work with you. Illumina’s areas of industry expertise include:

  • Oil & Gas (upstream, downstream)
  • Residential Development
  • Utilities
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Police Services
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Retail

Contact Us

Main: 403.802.4300 

Yvonne Brouwers, MBA, CAIP, CMC
President & CEO
Direct: 403.999.3900

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Illumina is a member of the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC),
Canada’s voice of the research, analytics and insights profession
both domestically and globally. We follow the highest standards, ethics
and best practices in the industry.

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